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Anti-Crak® HP (High Performance) 58/12 is a glass fiber made from
AR (Alkali Resistant) glass filaments and engineered to reinforce concrete and mortar against cracking.
Anti-Crak® HP 58/12 has an excellent bond with hydraulic matrices and increases its tensile strength before cracking.
Anti-Crak® HP 58/12 is suitable for all types of concrete formulations and mixing methods due to its specific size, which allows for excellent dispersion of fibers, easy processing, and a very high quality finish.
Product application
Anti-Crak® HP 58/12 was developed to improve resistance against cracking in concrete and mortar. It is mainly used to reinforce screeds, and in residential, commercial, and industrial floor slabs
  • Additional Information

    • Length: 12 mm
    • Aspect ratio (length/diameter): 58
    • Density: 2.68 g/cm3
    • Modulus of elasticity: 72 GPa
    • Size content: 0.8% (ISO 1887)
    • Moisture: 0.3% max (ISO 3344)
    • Material: Alkali Resistant Glass
    • Softening point: 860°C
    • Electrical conductivity: Very low
    • Chemical resistance: Very high
    • Tensile strength: 1,700 MPa


    • Control and prevention of cracking in fresh and hardened concrete and mortar (plastic shrinkage cracking, drying cracking and
    thermal cracking)
    • Improves the durability of mortar and concrete structures
    • Improves the mechanical properties of hardened concrete
    • Disperses quickly during mixing
    • Does not impair concrete pumping
    • Allows for high dosages without affecting the workability of the
    • Does not require additional water
    • Does not corrode
    • Easy to handle

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