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PP PE waterproofing membrane is a composite sheet membrane made of soft polyethylene(PE) with nonwoven polypropylene(PP) fabric laminated on both sides to enable the membrane fixed firmly onto mortar.
PP PE waterproofing membrane is flexible and conforms to various contours of the wood framing, bending upward at the walls and folding into corners. It can be applied directly with thin-set mortar, ceramic and stone tile, provides waterproofing and crack isolation/joint bridging for thin-set installations of ceramic and stone tile. It has been an ideal membrane to protect the substrate from moisture penetration.

PP+PE+PP composite waterproof membrane is made by multiple-ply different materials, especially its aging and weathering resistance layer enables the membrane possess more longer effective age. It can bond with many kinds of adhesions, firm and secure. In case of cement-base, cementations agent can be used, the cementations agent can easily enter into the non-woven felt layer, forms a well-combination with cement after solidification, permanent durability.

1. Non-toxic, no pollution, environmental protecting product.
2. Can be used for many different surfaces, especially for cement basement.
3. Tough, impermeable, multi-layered sheet;
4. High tension strength, good cold flexibility.
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    1. The application is simple and no pollution. It is mainly used in the middle of building for waterproofing. On this layers of protection and decoration are needed;
    2. When application, pour the adhesive materials homogeneously on the smooth roof
    deck, then roll the membrane to make is fully adhered to the deck.
    3. The adhesive materials are usually made form cement or other building glue.
    Products used in roofing, basement, restroom, water conservation, warehouse to protect structure from water infiltration.

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