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Total Solution for Construction & Waterproofing.

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TamPur 130 / TamKat 130 is a single-shot hydrophobic polyurethane based on MDI in combination with polyether polyols and an amine based catalyst. The system only reacts when it comes into contact with water, producing a semi-flexible polyurethane foam.


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Next generation, phthalate free, closed cell, 1-component, high performance, low viscosity, hydrophobic, HydroActive, rigid polyurethane injection grout for cutting off gushing water leaks with a high flow rate and/or high hydrostatic pressure.


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Tampur 125 is based on a polyol component (part A) and a polymeric MDI (part B). When mixed, a hydrophobic polyurethane foam is formed which is tough, rigid and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. TamPur 125 reacts rapidly enabling the product to cut off large water leaks.


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Tampur 136 is a single component hydrophobic polyurethane based on MDI in combination with polyether polyols. The system incorporates an active accelerator and only reacts when it comes into contact with water, producing a non-toxic, semi-flexible polyurethane foam.

CYH 500


CYH-500 is a hydrophobic grout based on polyurethane.
Upon contact with water, CYH-500 reacts to closed cell rubber-like foam while expanding its volume up to 27 times. The cured material is of a constant volume. Since water is not a component of the foam structure, the cured material is essentially not affected by water or dryness. The reacted material does not shrink or swell. Depending on the pressure of injection, CYH-500 reacts to a very dense material or foam


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Phthalate-free, fast-acting, 2-part, pre-catalyzed, rigid foam polyurethane injection system for structural injections requiring high compressive strength
RockStab resins are phthalate-free, 2-component injection resins consisting of a resin and a hardener that are pumped in a 1/1 mix ratio. After mixing the two components in a 1/1 ratio through a special mixing head with static mixer, the resin hardens into a hard foam, a very hard foam, or a hard plastic, depending on the type of Rockstab used.
Faster response times can be obtained by using an optional accelerator.


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Phthalate-free, highly reactive 2-component polyurethane system for waterproofing injections where high compressive strengths are required

Product Description:
Rockstab WX SG is a 2-component, phthalate-free, fast-reacting resin with high compressive strength upon curing. When injected in dry conditions through the specially designed 2-component injection head with static mixer, Rockstab WX SG quickly cures to a very hard material with high compressive strength. If Rockstab WX SG comes into contact with water during the reaction, the resin will foam and cure rapidly to a tough, rigid, closed cell polyurethane foam that is generally unaffected by aggressive environments.


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1-component, phthalate-free, closed-cell, hydrophobic, water-reactive, flexible, high performance polyurethane injection resin for waterproofing construction joints and cracks in concrete structures
Product Description
Unreacted, HA Flex LV AF is a yellow, non-flammable liquid without phthalate plasticizers. HA Flex LV AF are next generation 1-component injection resins with improved waterproofing properties. In contact with water, the resin will expand and quickly (depending on the temperature and amount of HA Flex Cat AF used) cure to a tough, flexible, closed-cell polyurethane foam that is generally inert to corrosive environments.


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Gelacryl Superflex is a 2-part, acrylic-based resin designed for injections into pores, cracks, capillary cracks, voids and gravel nests.

Product Description:
Gelacryl Superflex is an acrylic based hydrophilic gel consisting of 2 components: a resin and an initiator which are pumped with a double piston pump with a 1/1 mix ratio. Hardened Gelacryl Superflex forms a self-healing elastic gel. Thanks to its exceptionally low viscosity and low surface tension, Gelacryl Superflex has a better penetration into the crack than water.


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Phthalate-free, flexible, hydrophilic, low-viscous polyurethane resin for sealing moving, non-structural cracks


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X-Inject WS100 is a two part Base (Part A) and Catalyst
(Part B) solvent-free, low viscosity, foaming
polyurethane resin system. When in contact with water
it reacts to form a rapidly expanding stable foam that
stops water leaks.
X-Inject WS100 is formulated to temporarily seal water
leaks in concrete structures to allow injection of a
secondary permanent seal using X-Inject PU211 or


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TAMPUR 116T is a two-component, silicate modified, solventfree, semi-flexible polyurethane injection resin. It is
specifically designed for rapid stabilisation of coal,
concrete and soft ground geologies, providing structural
integrity, strength and flexibility. Its superior performance
allows TamPur 116T to be used as a Chemical “Rock Bolt
Resin” and on-site tests have demonstrated pull-out
strengths in excess of 31 tonnes.

RPU 500


Low viscous, Single Component, hydrophobic, MDI-based, polyurethane injection resin without catalyst. It only reacts with water and forms a Flexible Polyurethane Foam. This product can be injected pure directly into a leaking crack, fracture or joint. After injection has taken place, the will foam to expand and fill the void, forming a tight, impermeable elastomeric seal, stopping the water flow.